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This is Your Life (Don’t Play Hard to Get). December 28, 2009

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I never thought I would live past 30.

Not morbidly or anything. I was neither planning nor imagining my demise. But, with the shortsightedness of youth, I could never imagine life beyond that point. And yet, here I am: nine months past 30, without a sign of stopping.

This leaves me a bit confused, to be honest. What am I going to DO with myself now?

I made it through my goals from the first 30 years (mostly – I did not become discovered as a remarkable talent and become a ballerina, a fashion designer, or a famous singer). I graduated college, and actually hold several undergraduate degrees. I own my own home (condo, actually, as yard work was NEVER in the master plan). I am fairly well-adjusted (. . . actually, exceptionally well-adjusted, compared to my early teens, which is when I figure all these “plans” appeared as the accepted road map for my adult life).

So, now I’ve reached the edges of that map, and now stand on a big old precipice. Nothing but white space and blank canvas as far as the eye can see.

 I’ve decided to think of this as my bonus life. Just like a video game. At some point along the line, I acquired a little “1-Up” Mushroom, and I now get to start over. But this time, I don’t have to start from scratch. I’ve already conquered some challenges, and learned how to avoid/overcome some obstacles.

My challenge to myself is to take full advantage of this bonus life and avoid falling into the same habits and pitfalls of the “first life”. After all, what’s the point of getting to start over if you’re going to take the same actions over and over again. (Did someone just say “definition of insanity”?)

Between now and January 1 (as only seems appropriate), I want to chart a loose course for the next 30 years. Provided I get to enjoy them all, it’s time to have another set of goals to work toward instead of just floating along out here.

 Hell, maybe I’ll continue the game analogy, and plot it as levels and obstacles, just for fun. Because I’m pretty sure that FUN should still be in the game plan for this next life.


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