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Back in Black. August 19, 2008

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All right. This has been too long an absence. If anyone was actually holding their breath for my next post . . . well, you’re dead by now, so no use apologizing there. But for those who went on with their lives, but occasionally wondered: “Where’s Amy? Has she lost her fondness for writing usually meaningless blather and posting it to my interwebs?”

Well, never fear, my friends. I am alive and well.

Just a couple of small snags have prevented my cheap therapy (read: blogging) as of late. Number one: work. I have been working my butt off (shut up – yes, it’s still there) herding cats. ‘Cause that’s what getting seven people to make one, subjective decision is, you know. It’s a tough job sometimes, made tougher by the fact that I am not of one world – I straddle the worlds of the developers (right-brained) and the marketers (left-brained). I like to think of myself as a translator – from clouds into boxes and back again.

But sometimes, even MY Esperanto fails me.

The other thing that I’ve been struggling with as of late is my Internet connection. I’ve been pirating for months, and my patsy either moved or blocked his network.

Don’t get me wrong – I totally pay for DSL, and I have had a wireless router for as long as I’ve had a laptop. I just didn’t set it up.

Yes, I’m rather lazy. But mostly, I just hate hardware.

That may be a weird statement, given that my job title is Marketing Technology Specialist. Shouldn’t I, therefore, enjoy and be good with technology?

No, not really.

See, I enjoy software. It’s oddly pliable, and I can make it bend to my will with a little creative problem solving. It’s very Matrix-esque: you learn what rules you can bend and what rules you can break.

Hardware is cables and plugs and acronyms. Very little wiggle room, and completely incomprehensible to people who just. don’t. CARE.


I finally set up what I think is a very secure, encrypted network that I can utilize from the comfort of my bedroom. I kind of stumbled into it at the end. I think my desperate voicemail to my IT-savvy brother was what gave me the last boost into connection. You know, Murphy, and all.

But whatever got me here, I’m thrilled to be back.


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