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Water, Water Everywhere. June 9, 2008

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The tides were against me this weekend.

Or, if not the tides (seeing as I live nowhere near an ocean), then SOMETHING watery was ticked at me.

Starting with Friday morning, when the water heater in my building was blown. It was a cold shower for me, in which I refused to wash my hair under that arctic spray.

As it turned out, we received notice that the water heater would not be fixed until Monday afternoon. Ewwww. Three DAYS without hot water? That was just not going to work for me. So . . . what’s a girl to do? Did I manage to find my inner pioneer woman and heat some water stovetop for washing my hair?

[Pffft.] Please. I drove to my parent’s house and enjoyed hot water and cold air conditioning all weekend, of course. The pioneer spirit is weak in this one.

Actually, I was already slated to dogsit for them on Saturday night anyhow. I just extended my visit by one day so as to enjoy the modern luxury of heated running water.

But that wasn’t the only water-based inconvenience of the weekend. Mother Nature let loose an onslaught of rain, flooding much of Southern Wisconsin. There were mudslides, road closings, tornado sirens and other signs of impending doom. Luckily, neither my condo nor my parents’ house was affected by this as, honestly, I’d rather just move than deal with the aftermath of flood damage. But it certainly cramps a girl’s social plans!

As I write this, the hot water heater has been replaced, the state is drying out, and the frizz on my cranium is calming. And life is, once again, returned to normal.

But, please, everyone – don’t go around doing any rain dances in the near future. Okay?


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