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The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging. June 5, 2008

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Blogging used to be a lot more fun.

When I first started writing these, it was back in my MySpace days. A blog was just an account feature which I fooled around with one day. And then I realized that I could have all the therapy of journaling with all the immediate gratification of web stats. And then I was hooked.

I wrote about anything that struck my fancy, from admirations of the season to play-by-plays of my film fest weekends, to movie reviews and more. I told of personal dramas with friends, cleaned up enough to be nigh unrecognizable, but still . . . personal.

Oddly, this blog, which has dealt with a lot more emotion than my previous entries, is not extremely personal. Very little of it is about my everyday life – it has ceased to be situational and become philosophical.

That’s all fine and good, but why? Why the change? Why has blogging become less fun and less frequent?

I realized today that by merit of switching over from MySpace to a “real” blog – swimming in the deep waters, as it were – I’ve felt that most of the little stories that are so fun to write about (the pithy observations, the snarks, the randoms) have all felt too inconsequential to belong on a blog.

Which is ridiculous.

It’s a BLOG for God’s sake! Everyone and their grandmother has one! Just because you’re on a larger platform does not mean you have a larger audience. Write about what you know and love and feel – the people who care about that care about these things as much as, if not more than, your metaphorical ramblings!

I do love a metaphor, though, and seek the meaning to and patterns in everything. So those will likely not stop. But I won’t let that stop me from reporting small things like the fact that I saw three bunnies today or that I have fallen in love with Espresso Vodka, or that I have already killed one mint plant with my incredibly brown thumb.

After all, life is short and our lives are small. If you can find joy in the ephemera, why not share it with others? Even if there’s no great life lesson to be learned, there is value to sharing ideas and thoughts . . . and snarks and randoms.

So, hopefully, you’ll be seeing more frequent updates on THIS blog. Even if it doesn’t change your life, hopefully it will make you smile . . . wryly, at the very least.


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