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EXTREME Intolerance. May 12, 2008

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I got my oil changed today. I was long overdue for it. In fact, I was SO overdue, that I’d really prefer to think of it as just a titch early for my next oil change.

Procrastinate anything long enough, and it’s bound to come around again, right?

But I suppose that’s what the people who neglect to take their Christmas decorations say in October. It’s time to stop justifying and come to terms.

Because, you see, the 5,800-mile oil change is not just an oil change. It’s really a snapshot of a defining character flaw within me – one that permeates my life.

I used to just characterize myself as lazy, but I think that this wasn’t quite the situation. Rather, I think that I’m incredibly short-sighted. You would think ONE of my myriad pairs of glasses would compensate for that, but apparently near-sighted and short-sighted are completely separate issues. Who knew?

I must remember that, though I strive to not be high-maintenance as a person, low-maintenance is NOT the opposite of high-maintenance. NO maintenance is the opposite of high-maintenance. And no maintenance burns out your engine. [And, yes, of course that is a metaphor.] Opposites are extremes; extremes are impossible and unhealthy to maintain.

No maintenance leads to pile-ups of things. Like dishes. Or issues. Or work. Nothing is going to simply go away. They just build and build until the eventual chore is messier or more tedious or more expensive than facing things head-on would have been. And how can I, with my inherently practical nature, bear to sign myself up for that?

It’s at odds with my nature. And it’s time to remedy this.

So, here I go.

[If you will excuse me, I have some chores piling up.]


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