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Virtual? Insanity. January 24, 2008

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This morning, as always, I listened to the radio while I got ready for and subsequently drove to work. All told, I listened for a little under an hour, I believe. In that short time, I heard three advertisements for two different online schools – this century’s answer to home-schooling.

Now, I completely understand not wanting to deal with high schoolers. There certainly is a high drama factor there. And gym class was never all that fun. Plus, who would miss having to ride the bus?

However, I still think that kids need to suffer through it. And it’s not just a jealous and/or petulant opinion. Just as I maintain that EVERYONE should have to work in a fast food restaurant at least once in their life, I believe that we must also attend school among our peers.

Why? Well, the fast food part is to teach humility – there’s nothing less cool than appearing in polyester and reeking of stale Fryolater oil. But, you learn the value of a dollar, and you learn to treat everyone, including the people who serve you fries, with a modicum of respect.

But the “regular” school part is mostly to teach us normal social interaction . . . or, observation of those who know how to do it, at a bare minimum. Plus, education outside the sphere of influence of our parents is important – being exposed to more than one lifestyle and point of view ensures that we have the OPTION, if not always the inclination, to form our own opinions and make our own decisions.

Plus, everyone knows the home-schooled kids are freaks.

[just kidding]


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