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Time for Spring Cleaning. January 12, 2008

Filed under: Philosophy — theliteraryvixen @ 11:19 pm

While enjoying a rare day off today, I spent time cleaning the homestead. As usual, my own personal soundtrack was playing in my head – specifically “Let Go” by Frou Frou was the selection of choice. While enjoying this mental music, I realized that I needed to convert my “Garden State” soundtrack to mp3 format and load it onto my iPod.

Which led to the question: where the hell is that CD?

Which led to the realization that I have a strange and wasteful addiction. I am a true consumer. I buy, buy, buy (especially media: books, CDs, movies) and then rarely get to enjoy my purchases. Uncatalogued and unheeded, they are hidden from view and may never be enjoyed as they should.

Which led to the metaphor: This unwieldy mess IS me.

Like my home and my car, my mind is constantly collecting things – random facts, lots of emotions, impressions, philosophies, etc. But I don’t tend to what I amass. The information and emotions, especially, are buried and wasted – not expressed or put to any great purpose.

Well, unless you count Trivial Pursuit.

Maybe the new year is the time to make a Zen transformation, cleaning out everything that I’ve been holding onto for no good reason. And, of course, I mean that both physically and mentally.

The only question now is: when on earth will I find the time?


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